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Vegas CineFest


Official Selections



Rytme Pede - Horny (4m, Denmark) dir. by Bjarke de Koning sub. by Bjarke de Koning


Only Me [Solo Yo] (4m, U S A) dir. by Carlos Hurtado sub. by Carlos Hurtado


Jet (4m, U S A) dir. by Devereux Millburn sub. by Annie Minogue


Pretty Good Problems (4m, U S A) dir. by Hunter Hopewell sub. by James Hopewell


La Vie En Rose (2m, U S A) dir. by Ivo Raza sub. by Ivo Raza


"Snake Eyes" Wilson Music Video (4m, U S A) dir. by Nora Urbanski sub. by Nora Urbanski


Addicted (4m, U S A) dir. by Lindsey Haun sub. by Nick Roth


110-FWY (4m, U S A) dir. by Ricardo Rivera sub. by Ricardo Rivera


Candy Cane (3m, U S A) dir. by Rachel Woods, Victor Masters sub. by Victor Masters


Lil Bit Of Vegas IN Contrast (7m, Australia) sub. by mareene hands


Duette - Lover's Lane (Official Music Video) (4m, U S A) dir. by Naeem Munaf sub. by Naeem Munaf


MFR (5m, Bulgaria, U S A) dir. by Nedy Cross sub. by Gabriel Schmidt


The God Damn Hustle - "Dirty Little Pet Names" (5m, U S A) dir. by BJ Golnick sub. by BJ Golnick


Corner of 4th and 58th (4m, Australia) dir. by Siobhan Mulready sub. by Siobhan Mulready



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