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Philip Marcus


Philip Marcus raised in Paris, France includes degrees from the prestigious “Columbia College & American Film Institute”, comprising an array of experience ranging from Filmmaking skills to cutting edge production knowledge and international business relations, thus making him one of the most avantguard award winning independent producer/director in Hollywood.


Producing Television shows and documentaries for the French and Canadian Networks, leading him to branch out into the Feature Film arena. Philip was responsible for managing the production of films such as, “VIPERS,” “SQUEEZE PLAY,” “UNDER ONE FLAG,” “THE TURNING,” “SINGLES.” “BLOODY MADONNA,” “TAKEN ALIVE,” and currently in development on “Big Trouble in Paradise”


Philip lensed, produced, and directed, over 85 MUSIC VIDEOS for a plethora of Major Artists, including “You Give Love A Bad Name,” by BONJOVI; obtaining “Best Video of the Year,” at the “American Music Awards.” Then obtaining “Best Alternative Video of the Year” at the “MTV Awards” for “Nirvana’s” title album cut.


Philip was a Speaker on The Film Directors Panel at The Las Vegas International Film Festival, attends The Cannes Film Festival, American Film Market, International Film Festival Summit.. He is a Partner/CEO for The International Vegas Cine Fest Awards of Las Vegas. See website Film Festival Summit. He is a Partner/CEO for The International Film & Script Awards of Las Vegas.


Mia Marcus

Mia is also a Partner at Lotus Media Entertainment, and worked as Producer on several productions. 


She is a member of Screen Actors Guild and Women in Film 


She is a Certified Film Festival director that trained under some of the TOP Festival Directors in America. 


Her background includes Producer, Filmmaker, Restauranteur, Real Estate and Entrepreneur. 


She is an American - Asian and works with Filmmakers and Businesses from all over the World. Always looking for the talented  "Diamond in the 


Rough" and



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