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"WE ARE HERE"    For Best Music Score       
FADI AWAD, composer.
Fadi Awad is a Canadian International Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist (Songwriter, Music Composer, DJ/Producer)... He's an expert in the Industry since the late 80s... In 2014 Fadi Awad has done his first step into Hollywood Music & Movies! The film that he and Proconwire participated in doing, ‘’Stranger At The Pentagon’’, won the Award of The Best Science Fiction Short Film in Burbank International Film Festival and in 2015, won The Remi Award in Houston International Worldfest film festival... 

All selected project are judged by our staff filmmaker and the general audience at large.

The general audience at large accounts for over 80% of judging results.

Judging criterias are based on:

1.     OVERALL APPEAL - 5 points

      Music is inventive, fresh and masterfully woven. Dialog is excellent.  Characters          are compelling and distinctive.

2.    COMPOSER SKILLS - 5 points

       Story is told in a unified, unique & cohesive, clear, distinctive style & tone,                     Relational dynamics are believable.

3.    MUSIC GENRE - 5 points

       Visually stunning. movement and shot adaptation is excellent.

4.    PRODUCTION - 5 points

       Rhythmic, moving, engaging arrangement of music and sound

5.    ENGAGING - 5 points

      Relational dynamics are strong & believable.                     -.

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